Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Welcome Colin the Elf! Crap, another non-armored Elf...

Level 2 was good to Colin. Found plate mail and speed boots. Plate mail is heavy, and will eventually be replaced by mithril (or better), but speed boots will last you through the game. Also looted a small shop, so now I have lots of food. 40 hp and AC0 is good for a guy going down to level 3...

Found another shop to loot, in this case a scroll shop. Now I have to sit down and sort scrolls. The most expensive one was uncursed, and it was what I wanted, genocide. So there are no more mind flayers in my game. A magic marker and a potion of bless will mean no more liches of any kind... Magic markers are best used for genocide and enchant armor.

I don't like reading unidentified scrolls... Too much chance for punishment, fire or destroy armor. But the cheaper scrolls in the store are always grouped into ID/light, and Remove Curse/Enchant Weapon. So I now have a +3 short sword (whatever that's worth).

Level 4 found the way to the mines, and dwarf mithril, which is lighter than plate (but costs only 1 point in AC). Going to feed the bird and watch some TV now though... Will play more tonight.

Well, this game just went wowie on me. So I go down to the mines, and run into a ghost. I lure the ghost away from his pile in order to beat him with his own tools. Holy Shit! Found Grey Dragon Scale Mail in the pile! Even if cursed, that's what you want. So, I now have kickin' armor. I go down a level or two to the altar, and it belongs to my god. I quickly get Orcist (which isn't great - the only good one Elves get is Stormbringer). I then find a magic marker. It's cursed, so I go upstairs to make some holy water (to get blessed scrolls of genocide). In the main dungeon I run into a tengu. Cool! I'm chaotic, so I can kill it with no penalty! Eat Mr. Tengu and get teleport control.

So I'm now on my way back to the mines with a pair of water potions. I need to get them blessed so I can make scrolls of genocide (goodbye liches!). I should find a nymph or leprechaun now that I have teleport control. I usually want 3 things before Medusa - speed boots, grey dragon mail, and a bag of holding. I already have the first two.

I'm destined to die a horrible death, aren't I?

OK, on the way to the luckstone I found an amulet of reflection. Got the luckstone. OK, now I have reflection and teleport control. Look out!!

Found an altar. Will just stand here and sacrifice until I get Stormbringer. My god gave me Grimtooth. Thanks.

Well, my god gave me Sting and Ogresmasher. I think that since I found good armor, I'll use wishes on a good weapon. The quest portal is in a "big room" a few levels down, since I'm level 14 I should do the quest.

Did the quest. This was really easy. Lots of narrow corridors, and with Orcist you could just mow down orcs. OK, now I have the Bell of Opening, and the quest toy, which seems to give me ESP. Down to Medusa/Castle I guess. Probably about a third of the way to victory here. Still need a good weapon.

OK, so last night I wished for Stormbringer. Had a magic lamp. Probably should have wished for a blessed bag of holding (having severe weight problems), but I wanted a real sword.

Between the quest toy (which gives regeneration) and Stormbringer (which gives a certain percentage of damage to the other guy back to you in the form of restored hitpoints), I spend most of the time at max HP. Mid-game Elves are very tough. I haven't even seen the castle and I already think I should win this game.

Stormed the castle for lunch.

But there were a few interesting developments along the way. One of the bad things about Stormbringer is that it likes to kill stuff. So much to the point that the game doesn't check to see if you really want to attack peaceful creatures. I was chatting with my priest and ended up killing him by mistake. When you do this your god rains down all kinds of shit on you. Good thing I had an amulet of reflection. I thought that my god would be displeased, but this is not the case. On the plus side, the priest was carrying a spellbook of magic mapping, so that's one fewer thing I need to wish for. I also picked up a ring of levitation along the way.

Skipped Medusa, I should go up and kill her before I forget she still lurks (and can instant-stone me if I'm not careful). I used my new favorite trick, (N potions of healing + 1 potion speed) + 1 blessed water = N*5 hitpoints. So the 93hp elf turned into a 123hp elf. The healing combo of the Palantir and Stormbringer was tested in the castle when a titan, jabberwock and black dragon decided to all pound me at once. HP would jump around in between 80 and 30, but I was healing at such a quick rate I wasn't too worried. Kind of like having much more hit points than you actually have.

I got the wand of wishing in the castle and just wished for a bag of holding. That solved many problems. I think at this point I'll go back upstairs and kill Medusa, and collect goodies I've left by the wayside for the past 10 levels in order to conserve weight. Then I'll loot the Valley of the Dead and take all of those goodies and zap them with the three wands of polymorph I've got. That should yield some good toys. Although to be truthful, the only ring I want right now is conflict.

OK, took out Medusa and got both the shield of reflection and boots of levitation. The first is important in that it lets you have reflection and an amulet of life saving. Looted the Valley of Death, and polymorphed the goodies. Got enough scrolls of enchant armor to get the AC down to -31, with enough healing potions to get to 182 HP. Need to get some candles before I get to the bottom of Hell. Ring of conflict would be nice too. On to Hell!

OK, working my way down Hell. Having a spellbook of Magic Mapping is the only way to do this, I can't believe I used to win the game without them.

Bribed passage from Asmodeus and Baalzebub, was eaten by Juibilex, zapped my way out, and killed him. Orcus is the major demon lord left (I believe strongly in bribing demon lords, the goal is to get the amulet and win, not to defeat as many demon lords as possible).

Found Vlad's tower. Killed Vlad, got the candlestick holder and the amulet of life saving. Now I just have to make it to the bottom, find the vibrating square, and deal with the Wizard. And I guess I should dig passages between up and down staircases throughout the dungeon, in which case I'm going to the top again and have a chance to grab the candles I neglected to buy in the mine shopping mall.

Last night I went to the top of the dungeon, bought some candles, and then dug quick-run passages between staircases all the way to the bottom (don't navigate the twisty passages of Hell when you are on the Wizard's clock - once you kill the Wizard he comes back once every X turns to make your life really unhappy; before you kill the Wizard do everything you can to minimize your time after you kill him).

Now I have to assault the Wizard's Tower. There's a throneroom in there, where I'll do the last set of equipment sorting, throwing away rings and scrolls and potions that don't get polymorphed into something more useful (save a few charges on the wand of polymorph for all the stuff you find in Hell, of course, if you use magic mapping, you'll find far fewer things in Hell).

Killed the Wizard, got the book, went down a few levels to the vibrating square, and then did the candle-bell-book dance. That opened the portal to Moloch's Sanctum. Ring of conflict helped here. Got the Amulet.

Ran all the way up the dungeon. Right before I went to the Elemental Planes I dropped most of my stuff. Still kept too many wands. One of these days I'll do the Elemental Planes without being burdened.

The Palantir is a magic orb, so that really helped finding the magic portals. Plane of Earth it was really close, so I burned through one wand of digging, and then dropped the rest. Plane of Air was pretty easy. The portal in the Plane of Fire was on the other side of the map, so that was kind of a pain in the ass. Plane of Water was OK, but not nasty.

Astral Plane... Went right when I should have gone left. The right hand altar was the wrong one, so I went left. Worked. Sacrificed the Amulet, ascended to Godhood.

Six amulets of life saving, this one was in the bag. Looking back, getting speed boots and grey dragon mail made this easy. The Palantir and Stormbringer made health not a concern. I walked into the high altar with all 270 of my hitpoints. Teleport control and reflection early were also a big help. It meant there were no wands or breath weapons that could touch me, and I could get out of big scrapes.

OK, that's two Elves now, to go with a trio of Valkyries, a Barbarian and a Samurai. I swear, one of these days I'll win with one of the weaker classes.

I'll post screen shots later on...

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