Friday, May 30, 2003

Welcome Idiotmax the Barbarian. Found an altar on level three, and basically stood there and sacrificed until Crom gave me Cleaver. Then went down into the mines. Turns out the first character into the mines ended up hitting the bones file I just left. I guess I should have picked a lawful character than could have made better use of Excaliber. In any case, I have Cleaver and Grey Dragon Scale Mail, which is the recipe for a good Barbarian early. I need to go and retrieve the luckstone, but before I do that, I have a magic lamp that I should look into blessing. I also have speed boots at this point, and possibly a bag of holding, so I'm not too sure what I should wish for. Reflection, levititaion and teleport control are all nice things to have, but I think I can just wait for the proper rings/items. Maybe I'll wish for blessed scrolls of genocide and take care of the big baddies early.

Well, some testing has shown that the cursed bag I own is in fact a Bag of Holding (it makes things heavier, and objects randomly disappear - consistent with its cursed status). So I'll need to get some water and bless it before going to the bottom of the mines.

Idiotmax is still going down the dungeon. With a good weapon, armor and a bag of holding, I decided to use the magic lamp to get some scrolls of genocide. For scrolls and potions you can ask for multiples, three being a good multiple (if you ask for more than one, the more you ask for the higher the chance that you will be given only one). So with three scrolls of genocide I got rid of mindflayers, liches and krackens. To low a level to do the quest, so keep on going down

Here's a setback for you...
Ran into a black dragon. It used its disintigration breath, and since I don't have reflection, it wiped out my armor. After killing the black dragon, I noticed I was satiated. Tried eating the corpse, but got the overeating warning. On the other hand, it did leave a set of scales, so I'm one scroll of enchant armor away from black dragon scale mail. I need to find a cloak of magic resistence, or new grey dragon scale mail in order to get magic protection back. There is usually a grey dragon at the castle, so maybe that should be my goal. This is turning out to be an interesting game.

OK, found a scroll of enchant armor. Black Dragon Scale Mail is much better than Black Dragon Scales. Need to pull the same trick with a grey dragon.

Well, there was some stupidity at the castle. I played the passtune and then walked onto the drawbridge. Big mistake. Forgot that wands of striking blow up the drawbridge. So of course I get killed when something whips out said wand. Cost me an amulet of life savings.

Moving back up the dungeon to get back to an altar. Want to bless a scroll of remove curse. Then I'll wish for grey dragon scale mail and frost brand. Why Frostbrand when I have Cleaver? Can't use a shield of reflection with Cleaver, and that shield is highly important.

Wished for Grey Dragon Scale Mail and got it. Wished for Frost Brand, and it disappeared. Well Duh. I already had Cleaver, Snickersee, Fire Brand and Excalibur. The odds of getting a fifth weapon were low. So I'm going with Excalibur, even though Cleaver is a better option for a Barbarian. Having a shield of reflection is just way too important. Went down to the Valley of the Dead to get a few wraith corpses to get to level 14. Now that I'm level 14 I'm in the middle of the quest.

Completed the quest. Heart of Ahriman is kinda a sucky quest toy.

There are times when I'm playing nethack when I just know I'm going to win. This character is the exact opposite. Despite being in a very good position, I just think I'm going to screw this one up.

Progress in Hell has been really slow. Mainly because Barbarians suck at casting Magic Mapping spells, so I've been doing the mazes. That and Excalibur pissed off demon lords, so I've had to fight them rather than bribe them. I was so sick of fighting demon lords that on the Orcus level I picked up a cockatrice corpse (with gloves of course) and went around whacking things into stone. Usually Orcus is a huge pain in the ass, but I stoned him in one turn. Applied the pickaxe to the created statue to get his wand of death. Probably saved quite a few charges on the wand by doing that, so it's a good strategy. Be very careful with cockatrices, it's too easy to end you game like that. Also, keep around a wand of speed monster, the Shades on Orcus level always steal your speed.

So I've completed the major demon levels, and killed Vlad the Impaler, I need to find the vibrating square at the bottom of the dungeon, and then deal with the wizard. This game is painfully slow and sucky.

OK, so I killed the Wizard and went down to the vibrating square. Got out the candles for Vlad's candlestick holder, and damn, six candles. You need seven. When you leave the Gnomish Mines always make sure you have enough candles.

Well, I can't go all the way back up the dungeon with the Wizard ressurecting himself every thousand or so turns, so I use my last wish on a stupid fricking candle. This has got to be the worst-played good game I've ever played.

I did the candles bell book dances, opened the portal, killed the high priest and got the amulet. I'm now on my way back up through Hell.

Made may way up through the dungeon. Without a wand of Death. So the Wizard kept coming in and I had to fight him tooth-and-nail all the way up. He kept stealing the amulet. At least he never took it and teleported to another level.

Climbed the stairs to the elemental planes, only to have my crystal ball explode. Must have been cursed or something. So I have to find the magic portals by wearing the amulet and having it tell me "hot" or "cold" every so often. Of course, this means I can't wear an amulet of life savings.

So the four elemental planes really suck ass when you do this. Worse than Hell without magic mapping.

Idiotmax the Barbarian can now be called Idiotmax the Demigod. It was a really rough game, but the Astral Plane wasn't too bad. Found the correct altar on the second try. This was probably a textbook case of how not to win. I was sloppy the entire way through, and even though I went to my reward with 6 amulets of life savings, the fact I didn't use more comes down to lots of experience at the game.

The round up: 3 valks, 2 barbarians, 2 elves and a samurai.

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