Thursday, June 26, 2003

OK, we now have a good archeologist. Found a wand of wishing early. Your first wish with a wand is always a blessed scroll of charging. Next wish is +2 grey dragon scale mail. Wand empty, read scroll of charging. Wish for Grayswandir and speed boots.

Plow my way though the mines, go to the quest, only level ten. Go all the way down to Medusa, kill her, get a shield of reflection. Go to the castle, wipe it out, and then clean out the first level of Hell. Thanks to a boatload of wraiths, I get to above level 20.

Go back up and take care of the quest, get the Bell of Opening and the Orb of Detection.

So more or less the next thing for me is to play polymorph and equip up for Hell.

This is the first time I've gotten an archeologist past either the quest or the castle. A wand of wishing can do amazing things.

OK, with the help of a Magic Mapping spellbook I got to the bottom of Hell. Now I need to find the vibrating square. Once I do that I can find Vlad and get the Candleholder, then do a last check up and kill the wizard (this time I'm going to make sure I have the damn candles).

Right now this seems like a "normal" Nethack game. Sooner or later I'll get a Wizard to this stage, and it should feel very different.

Icewater the Archeologist ascended to demigodhood today.

I guess when I left I was at the bottom of Hell. I found the vibrarting square without too much trouble (for once) and went up and killed Vlad. Collected the candlestick holder, and went into the main dungeon to get the candles. Went into the Wizard's Tower, cleared it out. I've been using cockatrice corpses in special circumstances, I used it to clear the big room in the Wizard's Tower. I also now use them to kill Orcus, in order to get an unused Wand of Death.

Killed the Wizard, got the book. Went to the vibrating square, Candles, Bell and Book, open the portal to Moloch's Sanctum. Kill the High Priest, get the Amulet.

Race up the dungeon. Kept having to kill the Wizard. Eleven times in fact. Since quest toy is an orb, finding the portals in the Elemental Planes was easy. Onto the Astral Plane.

None of the Riders got close. First altar was the correct one. End of story. Ended up with 5 amulets of Life Saving, so I could have gotten sloppy and still won.

The key to this victory was the dragon mail and Grayswandir from the wand early. Honestly once I got out of the mines I was confident that I would win unless I did something really stupid. I thought that I would use the ability to ID gems more often, but there weren't enough shops to make the free money worthwhile. Grayswandir is a neat toy against demons.

OK, I've finally won with an archeologist. Add that to two barbarians, two elves, a samurai and three valkyries. I know I keep saying this, but caveman and healer are the next on the list.

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