Monday, October 13, 2003

Currently working with Salad the Samurai ("You don't make friends with salad").

Went into the mines right away, got to fifth level and then dipped a longsword to get Excaliber. OK, outside of the Tsurgi, this is the best weapon a Samurai can get. Bopped my way though the mines, got the luckstone.

Found a throne room. It had a wand of polymorph in a chest, and I got a wish out of the throne. Wished for grey dragon scale mail. Stowed the wand of polymorph for later use. Kept going down. Found a scroll of genocide, blessed it, and wiped out all liches. Found a magic marker, made two more scrolls of genocide. Blessed them and wiped out ;'s. Thought about wiping out mindflayers, but that would take out all Dwarves too. So I stowed the scroll of genocide for emergencies.

Right now I'm missing a bag of holding, a levitation device, and a reflector. Once I've got those in the inventory I'll be ready to go. I've got 102 hit points and I am on dungeon level 11. So maybe halfway to the castle...

Salad worked his way down to the castle. Ran into a lot of wraiths, so I got tough quickly. Got the bag of holding. I found a ring of conflict and a ring of levitation along the way, which made the Castle really easy. With the wand of wishing I got speed boots, helm of brilliance and spellbook of magic mapping.

At this point I figured out what my wands were and discovered I had a wand of death. OK, that made things a bit easier when it came to the quest. Went to the quest level, killed the bad guy with the wand of death, and now have the Tsurgi and the bell of opening.

OK, now it runs into the nasty part. I just have to map out Hell (haven't taken care of the first level yet), and do that damn dance. I think I have all the toys I will need (ring of teleport control, spellbook of magic mapping), but it's been a while since I've done this...

I really didn't deserve to win. I made all kinds of mistakes, was sloppy, and in the end completed the game simply because Samurai are almost Valkyrie-like in their tankness.

OK, so I went to Hell. From many times in Hell, I simply used a wish on a blessed spellbook of magic mapping. That made life much easier. Plowed my way down. Stupidly killed Orcus in combat rather than stoning him with a cockatrice corpse, thereby wasting all the charges in his wand of death. Would have made dealing with the Wizard a bit easier if I had more charges.

Found Vlad the Impaler, the big sword pulled an instant-kill on him. Got the candleholder. Went to the very bottom, and found the vibrating square with no problem (for once). Went back up, killed the Wizard, got the Book of the Dead. Back to the bottom level, candles, bell, book. Onto Moloch's Sanctum. Killed a bunch of stuff, got the Amulet. Fought my way back up to the first level, killing the Wizard several times. At one point the Wizard stole the amulet, but I killed him before he could escape off the level (it gets really sucky when he has the Amulet and is lost somewhere in the dungeon, but you don't know where).

On the way back up I prayed at an altar, but didn't check to see if it belonged to my god. That pissed him off (in fact, in my end of the game attributes, it notes that he was still angry). Luckily I didn't need to pray after that.

On the elemental planes I got lazy and wished for a crystal ball. That helped when it came to looking for the magic portals.

One problem with the Samurai is that the Tsurgi is two-handed, so no shield of reflection. I used an amulet of life saving rather than reflection, so I was left with no reflection on the Astral Plane (or anywhere else for that matter). With so many wands of lightning that was a mistake. First bolt wiped my ring of conflict, so I had to kill everything myself on the Astral Plane. In retrospect I should have wielded Excaliber and used a shield of reflection.

I had about 350 hit points, so I figured I would slog my way through and count on amulets of life saving. Died once, mainly because my first guess for the altar was wrong. On the second altar I won.

This is the fourth Samurai I've taken to Moloch's Sanctum. It is only the second I've won with. They suck you into playing like a Valkyrie, but aren't as tough, so if you are lazy you die. OK, an archeologist, two barbarians, two elves, two samurai and three valkyries. Someday a healer or a caveman.

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