Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Here comes Newguy the Knight! I knew this was going to be a good one when the first thing I do is kill some minor character and get a +5 Elven Cloak out of the deal. So with good AC I took the mines. Nothing big in the mines though, got the luck stone, got the proper levels to #dip for Excaliber, and was off to the races.

Only while I killed a lot of stuff, I didn't get much junk. Not even a single fricking bag, so I had to live with a 52 item limit, which is really tough. Made it to the quest, but wasn't level 14 yet. So I went down to Medusa, but had no way to levitate. So I dug down and donned a blindfold, and came back up. Killed Medusa, got a shield of reflection. Still no way of crossing the water.

OK, I lied about not finding anything useful. By the time I got to the castle I had genocided Liches and Mindflayers. I played the passtune and wiped out the castle. Was able to grab the wand of wishing and finally got some junk - blessed bag of holding, +2 grey dragon scale mail, boots of speed and a ring of levitation.

I went to the Valley of the Dead and ate some wraiths. As I was now the proper level I decided to take the quest. Only first I went up and down the dungeon twice looking for leprechauns and nymphs. I had gained teleport control and wanted teleport to go with it. No such luck.

On to the quest. Damn, that was hard. The quest enemy is a dragon. At one point I was down to 10 hit points and prayed. Only my god didn't restore my hit points. Time to quaff all those potions of healing I had been saving. I eventually killed the dragon and got the Bell of Opening and the Mirror of Merlin (useless).

I'm now at level one and will work my way back down, digging passages and picking up usefuls that I couldn't while bagless. This is the best Knight I've ever had. I should in theory win, but screwups are always possible.

OK, I've been playing around in Hell. I have about 230HP, good armor, and a spellbook of magic mapping.

Seems like Knights cannot bribe Demon Lords. Oh well... Asmodeus escaped upstairs, I can't find him, so I'm sure I'll have to deal with him on my way back up. Juiblex and Baalzebub were killed.

I went through Vlad's tower and now have both the candlestick holder and an amulet of life savings.

Haven't seen Orcus' level yet. I figure I'm about halfway though Hell.

Brian's next big steps will be to follow me down and deal with the demon lords and Vlad. A Valkyrie should have no problem with this.

Orcus escaped too. I kept going down. Got to the bottom of Hell at level 53 and had a heck of a time finding the stupid vibrating square. At least I had my candles. OK, up to kill the Wizard. Mr. Wizard eats the Wand of Death and I retrieve the Book of the Dead.

Down to the vibrating square. Candles, Bell, Book. Onto Moloch's Sanctum. Fight my way into the altar and kill the High Priest. Yes! The Amulet of Yendor is mine!

OK, fighting my way back up was a huge pain in the ass. Some of this was my fault, I should have made sure that Asmodeus and Orcus were dead before I killed the Wizard. Meanwhile, I kept getting the "you fall back a few levels" in Hell. And the Wizard kept coming back. And I'm a little too used to fighting with Valks and Samurai, where the thoughest things in Hell are "Whack! Whack! Dead." Barbarians are more like "Whack! Whack! Whack! Dead." But even with Excalibur, Knights are like "Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! What the Fuck? Whack! Whack! Dead."

Made it to the elemental planes, but no crystal ball. Usually at this point I'll just wish for one, but no spare wishes (I really didn't find crap in this game). So I had to put on the Amulet of Yendor and get the "you are feeling warmer" messages. When you do this you feel naked as you are without an Amulet of Life Savings. I got lucky on the Plane of Earth and walked right into the portal. Plane of Air really sucked because Air Elementals just beat the living shit out of me. I had somewhere around 350HP, and I was below 100. A good trick here is to hide out inside an energy vortex, so long as you are electricity proof. You just rest there and gain back hit points. Plane of Fire was OK, if you are flameproof you just work your way through it. Same with the Plane of Water.

OK, now I'm on the Astral Plane. Wish me luck (in other words, hope that I pick the correct altar on the first try). It's not automatic at this point, I lost a Samurai after getting this far once...

All Hail Newguy the Demigod!

I picked the middle altar, and I was wrong. But damn, a ring of conflict really helps in the Astral Plane. My second choice, the left hand altar, was correct. So I sacrificed the Amulet of Yendor and Ascended.

Some reflections here...

I ended the game with no wishes, a pair of amulets of life saving, and a few scrolls of enchant armor. I really should have stopped and pumped up my AC (finished at -15), but was sloppy and didn't. Only artifact was Excalibur, which I got by dipping. So I guess I can claim to have won without getting a single weapon from my god.

Knights are tough to win with. Due to their armor and low starting strength, they become burdened quickly so speed is a problem at the beginning of the game. Their quest artifact grants ESP, unlike some others which are more useful (Brian should be appreciating the Orb of Fate, which cuts damage in half - I had to pump my Knight up to 370 HP to be comfortable). If you can get a knight powerful past experience level 12, you have a good chance. Being able to #dip for Excalibur at level 5 is a huge bonus

OK, that being said, I'm not going to play Knights again until I upgrade to Nethack 3.4. I'll try to win next with Cavemen, and if I can win with them I'll go for Healers and Wizards. Then we'll see how hard a Tourist really is. So four more character classes and I'll move over to the same game you guys are playing (and if 3.5 comes out before then, I'll skip 3.4). OK, I've won with A,B,E,K,S and V. That's half the character classes in the game.

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