Saturday, November 29, 2003

Usually the game after a victory is also pretty good. You are in a groove I guess. In any case, after winning with Newguy, I started up with Killbot the Caveman. Newguy was the first Knight I ever got past either the Quest or the Castle. I had been equally lame with Cavemen, no quest or castle triumphs.

But Killbot found a ring of conflict early, and that helped with the Mines. What helped even more was the 66 gold piece lamp in the lighting shop in the mines. Expensive lamps are magic lamps, and since the altar in the mines was Anu's, I could bless some water, and hence the lamp. First wish, as always, grey dragon scale mail.

OK, I had decent armor for a good part of the dungeon. I also picked up a ring of levitation along the way. Down to Medusa, zap a hole in the floor, blindfold, and comeback. Whack whack whack, kill Medusa. No shield of reflection, but boots of levitation. Damn.

Dealt with the castle. Again, ring of conflict really helped. Got some speedboots, and of course, the wand of wishing. Zapped myself a blessed bag of holding, ring of teleport control and shield of reflection. Up to the quest.

The quest enemy was the Chromatic Dragon. Kind of a pain in the ass. It had too many resistances. I eventually kill it, and get the Scepter of Might, which is a decent weapon.

Right now I'm on the first level of Hell, biding my time and eating wraiths. Sooner or later I'm going to have to suck it up, wish for a book of magic mapping, and take Hell.

OK, today I took Hell. It was a real pain in the ass as Cavemen suck at spells. I'd try to cast magic mapping a few times at each level, give up, and then just explore the level. I dispatched the first three demon lords and then killed Vlad. Got the amulet of life savings, which turned out to be important in a little bit. Killed Orcus, down to the bottom to find the vibrating square.

Found the vibrating square, left the candleholder there. Went up into the wizard's tower, killed the Wizard. Got the Book of the Dead. Back to the square. Candles, Bell, Book - Open Moloch's Sanctum. Then things got hairy.

OK, I'm in the middle of things, and Demogorgon turns up. Demogorgon is probably the worst monster ever. He gets four attacks a round, two of them being sickness attacks ala Pestilence. So he's whomping on my ass, and then he gates in Yeenoghu. Christ, now I'm fighting two Demon Lords (and Demogorgon himself is worth about two). It can't get any worse, right? Then the Wizard pops in for some fun. Demogorgon's illness attack kills me. Thanks you amulet of life savings, slap on amulet of life savings #2. More illness attacks, Unicorn horn not working well, die again. Slap on my last amulet of life savings. Manage to kill Demogorgon. Now at least I don't have to worry about the stupid illness attacks. Next step is Wand of Death for Mr. Wizard. Now all I have to deal with is one Demon Lord, and I send him to his reward. Later on I remembered that I have not only Demonbane, but also the +6 Greyswandir in my possession. Either of those would have worked much better than the Scepter of Might.

Onto the temple of Moloch. The high priest pounds on my ass, lowering me to about 40HP, but I kick his ass and get the amulet.

OK, now to get the hell out of, well, Hell. Stupid falling down levels trick. At one point I went down ten freaking levels trying to run up stairs. OK, made it to the main level and ran up to level one. So I'm standing on the edge of the elemental planes. We'll see what happens now...

Onto the Elemental Planes. Crap, my crystal ball is out of charges, and I have no way of charging it. Looks like for the second game in a row we'll have to play "getting warmer" while ditching the amulet of life savings for the Amulet of Yendor.

Earth took a while, but I eventually found the proper place. Air took forever, and I got pounded pretty good. Too many dragons on that level. To be honest, air is the only tough level. Fire is easy, but annoying, so long as you can levitate (and you need some kind of levitation to get past air). Water was the easiest of the all.

On to the Astral Plane. After a while I got sick of fighting everything, and just #invoked conflict using the Scepter of Might. Pissed off my angel, but so what? For once I picked the correct altar first, sacrificed the Amulet to Anu, and won the game.

Wins with consecutive characters, that's pretty damn good. Overall I can see why Cavemen are seen as the Barbarian's weaker brother, similar playing style, only with less firepower. A really tough quest opponent, and poor magic mapping. I think that Cavemen are good characters for people who want a challenge.

I've now won with all of the classic fighting types, and the only classes left that interest me are Healers, Wizards and Tourists. So I'm going to severly limit my play to those three classes and figure out how to win without being able to kick ass.

I started playing this game when it was Rogue, way back in 1985. Didn't play it too much in the '80s, but picked it up again in the early '90s, finally posting a win around 1994. Since then I've played on-and-off, but two wins in less than a week kind of makes my head spin, especially since it was with a pair of character classes that I hadn't been able to push past either the quest or the castle.

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