Sunday, May 30, 2004

I'm now playing a Barbarian.

Went all the way down to Medusa's level with no wishes, there I found a magic lamp. Grey dragon scale mail.

I've been using Cleaver, but I was gifted Stormbringer. Cleaver is good for barbarians, but it is two-handed. Stormbringer isn't as good, but you can twoweapon with a sliver saber in Hell and create a bunch of damage (and for that matter, use a shield of reflection when you are feeling vunerable).

Medusa has a wand of digging, so she keeps going deeper into the dungeon. I have to hunt her down about three levels.

Clean out the castle, with a ring of conflict it's easy. Wand of wishing gets me speed boots and some scrolls of genocide. Bye bye L, ;, h, V, R and T. I also wish for a potion of gain level so I can go on the quest. While I'm taking a timeout to regroup I do some potion mixing.

10 healing, 5 extra healing, 2 full healing, 1 speed, 1 gain energy, 1 holy water

10 healing + 1 speed = 10 diluted extra healing.
Dip 5 extra healing into fountain, now have 15 diluted extra healing.
15 diluted extra healing + 1 gain energy = 15 diluted full healing.
Dip 2 full healing into fountain, now have 17 diluted full healing.
Dip 17 diluted full healing into holy water.

17 blessed diluted potions of full healing * 8 Max HP/potion = a 156 hit point boost!

I had 130 HP going in, so this more than doubled my HP.

Now for the quest... Should be easier with no trolls

I don't have a telepathy or a unicorn horn yet. Weird.

Quest was easy without trolls.

I went down to Hell, got bored, and zapped my way to the bottom with a wand of digging (well, a few wands of digging). This was a mistake, finding up staircases isn't any easier than finding down staircases.

Killed the wizard, got the book. Return to vibrating square. Candles, Bell and Book, and onto Moloch's Sanctum. Kill a bunch of critters, retrieve amulet.

I've stopped twoweaponing, as I want to use a shield of reflection. No point in having all of the amulets of life savings if I go around with an amulet of reflection around my neck...

Somewhere around level 40 the Wizard comes back, and I've got a pickaxe wielded. He lays down some curses, and my pickaxe is stuck to my hand. No problem, I've got plenty of scrolls of remove curse in my bag. Except my shield is cursed too, so I can't get to my bag. Crap. Wizard steals the amulet and I'm getting pounded on. Best thing to do at this point is escape, read a scroll of teleportation and go to the up staircase. Up the stairs!

OK, now I have to evaluate my situation. I've got no food, I'm wearing two rings, and I can't do anything because my hands are cursed to my shield and weapon. Only hope is prayer, and that is out of the question in Hell. But there's a loophole, Vlad's Tower is not part of Hell. I starved to death twice on my way back to Vlad's, but get there, pray, and solve my curse problems.

Back down, slay the Wiz, regain the amulet.

Zip up the dungeon. Planes of Earth and air were easy. Fire tedious, air pretty hard.

Christ, the Astral Plane... First Altar, wrong. Second Altar, wrong. Finally found the correct altar, offer the Amulet, win the game.

Wasn't close this time. Pain in the ass with the cursed toys situation, but I won with 450+HP and nine Amulets of Life Savings...

That takes care of Barbarians... That's it for the battlebots. I think wizards might be my try...

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I Was Master Kaen's Bitch

So I get a decent Monk going. Find a pair of magic lamps in the shop level of the mines, and get the Master Key of Thievery and speed boots. Bag of holding in the mines, amulet of reflection in the Sokoban. Lots of good spellbooks, including ID. Protection, sleep, magic missile, the works.

I went down, cleared out the castle. Time for the quest, which I've heard is hard.

So right before I go downstairs to Master Kaen's, cast protection twice. AC -12, 100HP and the Master Key (which cuts damage in half), I ought to be good, right? I figure as insurance that wishing for a wand of death would also be a good idea.

Then I walk downstairs. Take one step towards Kaen and then he hits me a few times, and I'm dead. That's right, I take one step towards him, and I die.

I think I'll leave monks alone for a while, thank you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I've got a new knight going.

Dipped for Excalibur, and then went after the mines. In the shop level I found _two_ magic lamps. Two wishes later I have Grey Dragon Scale Mail and Speed Boots.

Up to the Sokoban, collect bag of holding. Bless it.

Back to the mines. Clear the entire thing and get the luckstone.

Along the way I pick up a set of robes. With Grey Dragon Scale Mail and robes, I can dump metal armor and cast spells! Of course, I'm too dumb to read spell books, but I bless the pair I own and find that they are force bolt and ID. Even with crappy %, I can still eventually ID all of my crap. Helm of Brilliance is good...

I have a ring of levitation and slow digestion, but no teleport control or conflict.

No means of reflection, but I did find a scroll of genocide. I blessed it and wiped out L's. Then I found a magic marker! Bye bye ;'s, h's and R's. I think that's everything you need to genocide.

I've enchanted Excalibur up to +7, and I am using a silver saber and twoweaponing. I don't know if I am doing more damage or not. I'm also a skilled rider, so one of my wishes will be for a blessed figurine of a dragon, so I can ride it through Hell.

I need to do Medusa and then the Castle. After that I might be level 14, and would be able to do the quest. With the Magic Mirror, my spell damage doubles, so the two spellbooks I need to find are Magic Missile and Magic Mapping.

My vision of a mighty knight riding a dragon may soon come true. From long range he blasts you with magic missiles, and at short he twoweapons with Excalibur and a Silver Saber.

I'm doomed, aren't I?

OK, I killed Medusa. Went down and cleared the castle. Wand of Wishing produced an amulet of reflection and a blessed figurine of a red dragon. One saddle later and I'm flying around the dungeon on a dragon of my own.

Let me just say that riding a dragon kicks ass. Repeat, kick ass.

I got the level 14 by cleaning out the castle, so time to do the quest. Ixoth jumps me, so we throw down. He's doing thing, teleporting to the up staircase to heal and then coming back to pound on me. I fly to the staircase (I should eat something to get teleport ability now that I have the proper ring), and Ixoth runs upstairs. I follow, he hits me, and I go downstairs. Ixoth follows me. So now I'm standing on the up staircase and he can't do squat. I get ready to hit Ixoth, but my dragon whomps him like three or four times and kills him.

So I need to eat a Leprechaun, get a spellbook of Magic Mapping and then take on Hell. I've got the mirror, so my forcebolts are doing double damage. I also have protection and (normal) healing, so I've got some decent combat spells. I've got enough spellpoints to make me play like a wizard at long distance and a Samurai-lite at short distance, and, oh yeah, I've got a dragon.

Knights riding Dragons that can teleport are even cooler...

But stupidity sucks.

I flew down into the first level of Hell and got surrounded by monsters. They pounded me, and I died. I did at least three things wrong here. First of all, I went down without a light source on. Therefore I had no idea where the up staircase, and hence escape, was. Also, I was wearing a ring of teleport control, rather than my +3 ring of protection. Also, I knew the protection spell, and didn't bother casting it a few times before I flew down to Hell.

So I've lost two very strong characters in a row in the first levels of Hell. That's nothing bu sloppy.


Thursday, May 13, 2004

Welcome Bar15

This has been an interesting game so far. Not a lot of toys at all. I fell through a series of trap doors to begin the game, and had a very low level character far too deep. Let me put it to you this way: when I climbed the first up staircase after the last trap door, I was in the Sokoban. Since I was there, what the Hell? I got a bag of holding. I then went through the mines and got the luckstone.

I went down the dungeon, there was a big room right two levels below Sokoban that was kind of hairy. It took forever to get Cleaver (which is now +6). No good armor at all. Nor any pre-castle wishes. I was able to genocide mindflayers prior to the castle, but master mindflayers and all kinds of liches remain.

At a certain point I needed to decide if I should do the quest first, or the castle. Well, the Barbarian quest toy is no great shakes, so it won't help clear the castle. I go to Medusa and dig down. I immediately put a towel on my head (not even a frickin' blindfold in this game!) and pop up to kill Medusa. There is a shield of reflection in the Statue, but since Cleaver is two-handed, I'm SOL.

Back down to the castle. Still wearing the towel, I can "see" three rust monsters and two liches and a demilich. I think about it for a while and decide the best way to deal with this is the old crunch-and-munch. You play the passtune to open the drawbridge, and wait until a nasty is on the square right before the drawbridge. Play the passtune again, and the gate closes, smushing the baddie for an instant-kill. The drawback is all of the treasure gets destroyed too, but heck, after three rust monsters and three liches, my armor would have sucked to high hell.

Used a pair of wishes for Grey Dragon Scale Mail and Speed Boots. Need to recharge with wand to get rings of teleport control and conflict (I have levitation).

Next step - the quest!

Update - The quest was a bitch, all of those trolls! I eventually had to go back into the main branch of the dungeon to tame a cat to eat all of the troll corpses. I got the quest toy, which is a sucky rock. I cleared the first layer of Hell and was using a pick axe to clear a maze when I got jumped by a Minotaur. I forgot how hard they hit, and it pounded me to death.

Stupid. This is the only time I've ever lost a character between the first layer of Hell and Moloch's Sanctum.

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