Sunday, May 30, 2004

I'm now playing a Barbarian.

Went all the way down to Medusa's level with no wishes, there I found a magic lamp. Grey dragon scale mail.

I've been using Cleaver, but I was gifted Stormbringer. Cleaver is good for barbarians, but it is two-handed. Stormbringer isn't as good, but you can twoweapon with a sliver saber in Hell and create a bunch of damage (and for that matter, use a shield of reflection when you are feeling vunerable).

Medusa has a wand of digging, so she keeps going deeper into the dungeon. I have to hunt her down about three levels.

Clean out the castle, with a ring of conflict it's easy. Wand of wishing gets me speed boots and some scrolls of genocide. Bye bye L, ;, h, V, R and T. I also wish for a potion of gain level so I can go on the quest. While I'm taking a timeout to regroup I do some potion mixing.

10 healing, 5 extra healing, 2 full healing, 1 speed, 1 gain energy, 1 holy water

10 healing + 1 speed = 10 diluted extra healing.
Dip 5 extra healing into fountain, now have 15 diluted extra healing.
15 diluted extra healing + 1 gain energy = 15 diluted full healing.
Dip 2 full healing into fountain, now have 17 diluted full healing.
Dip 17 diluted full healing into holy water.

17 blessed diluted potions of full healing * 8 Max HP/potion = a 156 hit point boost!

I had 130 HP going in, so this more than doubled my HP.

Now for the quest... Should be easier with no trolls

I don't have a telepathy or a unicorn horn yet. Weird.

Quest was easy without trolls.

I went down to Hell, got bored, and zapped my way to the bottom with a wand of digging (well, a few wands of digging). This was a mistake, finding up staircases isn't any easier than finding down staircases.

Killed the wizard, got the book. Return to vibrating square. Candles, Bell and Book, and onto Moloch's Sanctum. Kill a bunch of critters, retrieve amulet.

I've stopped twoweaponing, as I want to use a shield of reflection. No point in having all of the amulets of life savings if I go around with an amulet of reflection around my neck...

Somewhere around level 40 the Wizard comes back, and I've got a pickaxe wielded. He lays down some curses, and my pickaxe is stuck to my hand. No problem, I've got plenty of scrolls of remove curse in my bag. Except my shield is cursed too, so I can't get to my bag. Crap. Wizard steals the amulet and I'm getting pounded on. Best thing to do at this point is escape, read a scroll of teleportation and go to the up staircase. Up the stairs!

OK, now I have to evaluate my situation. I've got no food, I'm wearing two rings, and I can't do anything because my hands are cursed to my shield and weapon. Only hope is prayer, and that is out of the question in Hell. But there's a loophole, Vlad's Tower is not part of Hell. I starved to death twice on my way back to Vlad's, but get there, pray, and solve my curse problems.

Back down, slay the Wiz, regain the amulet.

Zip up the dungeon. Planes of Earth and air were easy. Fire tedious, air pretty hard.

Christ, the Astral Plane... First Altar, wrong. Second Altar, wrong. Finally found the correct altar, offer the Amulet, win the game.

Wasn't close this time. Pain in the ass with the cursed toys situation, but I won with 450+HP and nine Amulets of Life Savings...

That takes care of Barbarians... That's it for the battlebots. I think wizards might be my try...

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