Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I have a Knight going. Quickly dipped for Excalibur. Then did the Sokoban. I found a scroll of ID, only to discover that I had a wand of wishing! +2 grey dragon scale mail, bag of holding, speed boots and a figurine of a grey dragon. So now I'm headed for the mines, flying there on the back of a dragon. I think I'm going to get anything I want in the shops of the mine :)

Well, dragons are cool, but they eat everything that hits the floor, so I need to find a ring of slow digestion. I also need teleport control. I've raised my Excalibur to +5 and have a silver saber. I should just be weilding the saber now to raise that ability. I still haven't found forcebolt or magic missile.

I just found a bones file deep in the dungeon. I'm going to have to sort through the goodies.

OK, so there was a ring of slow digestion in there. And 19 food rations. With that I think it's safe to wear my ring of teleport control, even if Bubba does eat everything. I've got some scrolls of genocide that I should bless while I am at it.

OK, took down the quest, that was easy. With Merlin's Mirror, I really want to have a book or two of magic missile.

Found a priest, killed him, now have spellcasting robes. See the above line.

Well, crap, my dragon ate a chamelon corpse and now he's some kind of &. Less fun...

OK, the next level down I found another grey dragon, and a blessed scroll of taming got me back a stead. So now I have a dragon and a vrock following me through the dungeon.

OK, I'm about to begin my assualt on Hell. I converted healing potions into 24 blessed potions of full healing. So I'm up to 400+ hit points. Let's rock and roll!

Asmodeus killed my dragon. Bastard! He did leave me a scroll of taming though, so the next dragon is mine.

So I'm going down the mazes of Hell, and I'm using magic mapping. I go down a level, and find a maze that has a path dugout between the staircases. Hmm... This could mean only one thing. BONES LEVEL! It was this guy.

Lots of toys. Shield of reflection, plus a wand of wishing with three charges left. You can't pick up somebody else's quest toy if it is the wrong alignment though...

I've slain all the Demon Lords, dusted Vlad, gained the candlestickholder, been to the bottom and found the vibrating square. I got a silver dragon in Vlad's Tower and now I'm getting ready to make a run on The Wizard. I finally got fire resistance, so I think I have all of the major resistances. I've been walking around with a shield of reflection, and removing it to cast Magic Missile. With the Mirror of Merlin I can take out just about anything with a zap or two.

Killed the wizard, plowed through Moloch's Sanctum. A post-quest knight with a spellbook of Magic Missile it pretty hard to beat. Nothing like looking down a hallway and seeing some trolls and a minotaur and knowing that they won't get close because two zaps will kill all of them.

Hell on the way up wasn't too bad, but there was a major mishap on the Medusa level. I was flying back to the up staircase on my dragon, and a black dragon let loose with disintergration. Killed my dragon, and I sunk like a stone. I was next to land, so I survived, but all of my scrolls and spellbooks were blanked, and I lost another 200 hitpoints worth of potion (I won with 500HP, a 700HP knight would have been that much sillier). In the final analysis, dragons are overrated. They eat too much in the early game, and are too fragile at the end (I had at least five dragons killed under me).

Went up the dungeon, found some scrolls of detect gold. That's a bonus. Got to the Elemental Planes, zap a worn out spell to get confused, and read a scroll of detect gold. That tells you where the portal is. Made the Elemental Planes easy. Got to the Astral Plane. Picked the wrong altar on the first choice, sacrificed on the second for the victory.

OK that was Kni31, which means that this was the 49th Knight I'd played in the new version. It took me about seven Valkyries, single digit Samurai and fewer than 20 Barbarians. So Knights are a bit harder than the other combat models, but to be honest, if you can get past the mines/Sokoban, this is a pretty good character to play with.

OK, maybe back to the Monks, maybe Wizards...

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