Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I know I say this for every good wizard I get, but if I play this one slow it could be interesting...

Well, this guy was generated with a ring of conflict and a wand of make invisible, so the obvious possibility presented itself. Outside of that nothing too special. I decided to head for the mines right away.

I went part way into the mines, more or less deep enough to get to the shop level. No magic lamps, but the altar was the right alignment. So I sacrificed until I had Magicbane. I climbed back up and then headed off to the Sokoban. This was much easier with a ring of conflict, let me tell you... I pushed the rocks around, let things die, and picked up an amulet of reflection. Damn. I hate that. And in the process something torched me so I lost all of my spellbooks. A wizard without Force Bolt ain't much. Back to the mines. I got down a few levels and find a dead Valkyrie. The bones file includes Grey Dragon Scale Mail. So I've got good armor and Magicbane. Decent spells, including ID. I go down and get the luckstone

Next stop is to boogie on down the dungeon.

The Quest
I went past the quest portal, and a few levels later I killed a wraith. That boosted me to level 14, so I decided to go for the quest. It was fairly easy. I found the quest enemy, and gave him the finger. Yes, I have learned the Finger of Death spell, which means I can shoot death rays. Pretty cool, huh? In any case, I now have the Eye of Aethiopica, which boosts how fast I regenerate my spellpoints.

Man, a post-quest Wizard is pretty tough. By this level the magic missile spell is averaging 50 points per shot, you have the Eye so you get spellpoints back fast, and if you have a ring of slow digestion... Well, you can cast a lot of spells and dish out the damage.

So now I need to find my way down to the castle.

The Castle
This was easy for a wizard. The drawbridge lines up monsters for your magic missile spell, and you just mow them down. The wand of wishing was used to get some nice speed boots and silver dragon scale mail (I replaced the grey, silver gives reflection and I would rather use the Amulet slot for life savings.) The quest and the castle are trivial for a wizard if she has the magic missile spell.

Hell / The Wizard / Moloch's Sanctum
Not so bad. I used the wand of wishing for a spellbook of magic mapping. Trivial. I bought off the Demon Lords. Had a mishap in Vlad's Tower. Ate a wraith corpse and chocked to death (no warning). That burned my only amulet of lifesavings, but luckily there's another one right in Vlad's Tower. Then I went right down the dungeon and found the vibrating square. Back up to kill the Wizard. I gave him the finger too. Ran down to the bottom and did the candles, bell, book dance and opened the portal to Moloch's Sanctum. This wasn't so bad. Again, Finger of Death. Got the Amulet from the high priest.

Back up the Dungeon
This is much easier as a chaotic. It might be worth finding a helm of opposite alignment in the future for running up Hell. Met the wizard a few times, but killed him very easily.

The Planes
Plane of earth wasn't bad. I had the digging spell. As a wizard I had plenty of spells, some of them lapsed. When you try to cast, you become confused. Then you read a scroll of detect gold and you get to see where the portal to the next plane is. Air I just ran past everything. Fire was kind of a pain in the ass, but once again, I ran rather than fought. Finally, water worked OK, you have to get to the right hand side before looking for the portal.

Astral Plane
First thing I met was Death. Whomped him with Magic Missiles. Finger of Death wiped out most priests, and I ran around the Angels. The first altar I found was my own. Sacrificed and went to demigoddesshood.

Wrap up
This is the first Wizard I've ever won with. This character had 650 hitpoints by the end of the game, AC-37 and 450 spellpoints. She could have destroyed an end-game Valkyrie. Wizards are nuts. If you can get them past the bottom of the mines, they are very very dangerous. Monks are easy early-game guys, but become harder as the game goes on. Wizards might be a nice change of pace if you mainly play Monks.

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