Sunday, November 21, 2004

I've felt like my gameplay is getting stale, so I decided to set up a little tournament for myself. The rules are simple - each character class gets one chance. Stop every three dungeon levels. See who does the best job. Here's how we are doing:

Archeologist - Died on the first level. I found an altar, and led my pet down to the next level. D'oh, got ganged up on and died. Should have gone up to a higher experience level before trying to get a cool toy.

Barbarian - Doing OK. Made it up to EXP 3 by the third level. No cool toys. Time to move on to the next character class.

Caveman - The Caveman is rocking. He's at EXP5 getting ready to move down the dungeon. He found an armor shop, and now the next step is to find an altar. In fact, when this get starts up again, Mr. Caveman should go to the mines.

Healer - Healer is doing OK. He's got a bunch of unID'd spellbooks. Hasn't found a shop yet, but he's got a lot of money. He's been hanging back, letting his dog pick up kills. The dog has 25 hit points.

Knight - This was well on its way to being a good game. I found a large shop, and my horse helped me loot it. Only I got burdened all the way to stressed, and decided to drink potions to get out of that mess. Only I drank a hallucination. Killed my horse in the process, and later got jumped by wererats. Damn.

Monk - Monks are their normal early-game easy. Started with sleep and found protection. If I play this guy carefully, it could be good.

Priest - The priest is fairly rocking. He started with both healing and ID. ID is a powerful spell, he hasn't had a chance to use it yet, but when he hits maturity this will go to town.

Ranger - My Ranger got killed while hanging out by an altar. Chaotic gods are tough to please, and I would have only gotten Orcist in any case. So much for the Ranger...

Rogue - This one started out fine. She's using a good set of daggers. Hasn't found anything good. Good start but no toys.

Samurai - The Samurai is working very well. He's got Snickersee and will eventually get Excalibur. No good armor yet. He might become a tank.

Tourist - Seems to be OK, going slowly and using the magic mapping scrolls. No good potions or scrolls though. Trying to get good armor.

Valkyrie - Avoided an early death via prayer. I've found some elven mithril. I think I have wand of cancellation. But nothing great. A bag of holding would be great.

Wizard - Looks like a good start, ring of conflict plus decent spellbooks. A quick Magicbane would make this character kick some ass.

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