Friday, December 31, 2004

Wow, this has been quite a challenge.

I killed the wizard, got the book, and then opened the staircase to Moloch's Sanctum.

I had 4 amulets of Life Savings. Just as I opened the door to Moloch's temple the Wizard showed up. And he twinned himself. And summoned in big beasts. I got pounded really hard, had to use an amulet. I knocked off the High Priest of Moloch, but then the Wizard stole the Scepter of Might (this is one argument against having a quest toy as a weapon, the Wizard can steal it). OK, now I'm in trouble, my backup weapon is Cleaver, and I need to unwear my shield of reflection. I do this to use a real weapon, but get pounded on - a pair of wizards who heal very fast are really taking their toll. I'm down to my last amulet when a cockatrice strolls by. Yes! I kill it and immediately stone both wizards.

I pick up the amulet and try to leave the dungeon. I'm down to my last amulet of life savings. I just can't get out of the mazes of Hell. Every time I try to go up the stairs, I drop down a level or two. On a no-teleport level I get jumped by the Wizard again. Christ, I can't get to the upstairs, but the Wizard doubles up and can teleport away to heal. Then he steals the Scepter of Might again. OK, I need to make it my first priority to get to the stairs. I die, there goes my last amulet of life savings. Eventually make it up, and go to the next level with 20 hit points. I heal up and go back down, standing on the staircase. I kill both wizards, get my stick back, and head up the dungeon.

I'm at level 6, standing at an altar. I need to bless some things and figure out what I'll need to keep for the run at the planes. This game has been totally rough. It might go down as a failed attempt.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

OK, I'm on my way down in Hell. I've killed Orcus and Jubilex. I've killed Vlad the Impaler and now have the candlestickholder.

So I guess I need to go and find the vibrating square, and then find Mr. Wizard. I'm on level 29, so probably another 11 levels. Knowing magic mapping would be nice, but cavemen are stupid.

This one should be in the bag, it's either another win, or a story of great stupidity.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Caveman - Kind of sad that the only guy I have left is my caveman.

In any case, I cleared the castle. I made good use of the wand of wishing: speed boots, ring of conflict (stupid), ring of teleport control, four scrolls of genocide (good bye L's, ;'s R's, and h's). The ring of conflict was stupid as the next act was to kill the Chromatic Dragon. The Sceptre of Might grants conflict.

Killing the dragon got a little hairy. I'm glad that I remembered that one of her favorite tricks is to turn invisible, so I had my ring of see invisible on. Almost died here, but managed to tell my tale.

My next feat will be to clear out the first level of Hell, collect the booty, and then launch the full-out assault.

I wish I had used one of those wishes on an amulet of life-saving...

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Barbarian - Well, there was another sloppy death here...

Caveman - This one is humming. Got to the bottom of the mines and got the luckstone. I went down the dungeon, killed Medusa and am getting ready for the castle. Great axe, good armor, and an amulet of reflection. Need to level up and do the quest.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Third Round, four characters left.

Barbarian - I went from the shop level of the mines to the Sokoban. I managed to rust up my sword, and worse, screw up the Sokoban. There's a bag of holding waiting for me if I can find another scroll of Earth. Sloppy sloppy sloppy

Caveman - An early wish does a body good :) Yeah, collected the bag of holding from the Sokoban and now have a +4 Cleaver. Currently headed for the bottom of the mines. This guy is just plain rolling.

Samurai - I was doing OK, but got distracted by a nymph who was stealing stuff. This got me frustrated, and then a succubus took my armor off. Then, like Homer, I was slain by an elf. Stupid to die with a character this strong.

Wizard - Christ, I went down too far. Forgot that I had a ring of conflict. That was stupid.

Round three finishes with just a Barbarian and his weaker cousin, the Caveman. Sad.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

OK, we've gone past the first round and we've lost some characters. I think round two gives each character the choice of completing the Sokoban or getting to the shop level in the mines...

Barbarian - He went for the mines. On the way to the shop level he killed a dwarf and picked up Mithril and a helment and speed boots. If he can get a good weapon he can throw down some whoopass.

Caveman - Things are looking good for Mr. Caveman. Got down to the mines and found a dwarf with Mithril and speed boots. Then he found a magic lamp in the shop level of the mines. A wand of cancellation plus a potion and a prayer made some holy water, and that plus the magic lamp made a set of Grey Dragon Scale Mail. Rock On!

Healer - So much for the healer. Forgot to use the heal spell. D'oh! Sometimes this game sucks.

Monk - Christ. This was a stupid death. I allowed myself to get tag-teamed by a pair of werewolves. Looks like my characters are dropping like flies.

Priest - Got hallucinated and then tag-teamed. Shit. Dropping like flies. Three characters in a row!

Rogue - Make that four. The Rouge made it to the second level of the Sokoban. But then he was overwhelmed by Orcs. Should have retreated, or at least zapped myself with my wand of teleport. Forgot how wimpy Rouges are. :(

Samurai - Good old Samurai. Can't kill Samurai. But no magic lamps at the shops level. So now I have three characters who have made it past the second round. Of course, Barbarians and Samurai are battlecruisers who kick ass, and Cavemen are Barbarians-lite.

Tourist - I've got a dead tourist :(

Valkyrie - Got sloppy when I found out that the altar in the shop level of the mines was my god's. I got slammed with a potion of sleep and then firewanded. Crap.

Wizard - I've been making good use of heal and forcebolt. I haven't done enough with my ring of conflict. I've found the corpse of the Valkyrie. I'll need to sift through all the parts. I do have Magicbane...

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