Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'm starting up a new tournement.

My first character will be a Valkyrie.

And it is an amazingly lucky Valkyrie. I go straight down to the shops in the mines and find a pair of magic lamps. Hello Gray Dragon Scale Mail, saving the other wish for whatever I don't find in the Sokoban. Now I'm kicking some ass. I quickly find an altar and now I have Mjollnir. I next find a bones level and get both Speed Boots and another magic lamp. Hello Gauntlets of Power. Sokoban gave amulet of reflection and the magic lamp gave up a bag of holding.

Well shit, the best armor, the best weapon, this is a fuckup waiting to happen. I've made it to the bottom of the mines and got the luck stone. Now I'm just working my way down to get to the quest.

OK, kept on going down. Found a potion store. That had two potions of gain level, and then I waited until I get past level 12 and then quaffed my way to the quest. Took down Lord Surtur and picked up the Bell of Opening and the Orb of Fate. I need to remember to use the Orb as a "get out of jail free" card in the form of a level teleporter.

I guess the next steps will be to kill Medusa and clear the castle. That can wait for later...

OK, I've cleared out the castle and the first level of Hell. I need to sit down and think about what to do next. In theory I can kill Medusa (need to get a blindfold though). I should also do some chemistry and boost up my hitpoints. I haven't used any charges from the Wand of Wishing. I've got a ring of teleport control, speed boots, grey dragon scale mail and a good weapon (and I can throw it because I have the right gloves), part of me feels like all I need next is a ring of conflict. My AC is rather poor though.

I think the proper thing to do is to park this character for a while and run the rest of my tournament as normally scheduled. I can see who else survives the early game, and then perhaps have two or three games "going through Hell" all at once. That might be interesting.

Christ. Picked this one up a few months later and was making progress through Hell. A demon prince gated in Demogorgon and I got pounded by his special attacks. Lesson learned - don't fuck around with Demogorgon, he will kill you.

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