Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm running a Ranger now. To be quite frank, these play like wussy thieves.

The start of the game was kind of weird. I got a pair of magic lamps early so I had Grey Dragon Scale Mail and speed boots almost from the beginning. It's hard to screw up a game like that. I got a bag of holding from the Sokoban, so I didn't have any weight problems.

On the other hand, I found no altars. I mean that. This game has the theoretical minumum - the one in the mines, the one on the first level of Hell and (if I get there) Moloch's Sanctum and the three in on the Astral Plane. Which mean you have only one altar that you can actually pray at. And of course the one in the mines was for the wrong god.

So I went down the dungeon, using my bow and arrows. Very quickly I discovered that killing from a distance worked better with daggers. So I enchanted up a bunch of daggers and went town. More or less I made it all the way down to Medusa's with just daggers.

I then went back up and converted the altar in the mines. This meant killing the priest. But after a while I got the Vorpal Blade and I used that as my main sword (when not throwing daggers). I went to the castle and cleared it, but had problems with a mindflayer. That made my game more annoying.

I went back up and completed the quest. The Longbow of Diana sucks. Sure, it can create arrows, but hell, my daggers are more effective.

On to Hell. I had magic mapping, which helped out a lot. Dig all of my digging on the way down. Killed Vlad, killed Orcus, had a stupid mishap on my way to the Wizard. Something blinded me and I killed another creature. Game said I was standin on a Giant corpse, so I ate it in order to up my strength. Only it was a Zombie Giant corpse, so I got ill. Then I rubbed my unicorn horn to cure, but it cured my blindness and I died. There went one amulet of life savings.

Killed the Wizard, got the book, went down to the vibrating square. Did the little dance. Killed the High Priest of Moloch and got the Amulet. Spent most of my time in Hell trying to get out but slipping back down. Didn't see too much of the Wizard though. Made it to the Planes. Forgot to have a way of finding the portals. Crap. Burned my last wish on a set of detect gold scrolls, got only 2. Should have wished for a crystal ball because I can recharge those.

Plane of Earth took forever, not sure why. Used my last detect gold scroll in Air, where I was getting my ass kicked by air elementals. Fire is a wuss plane, I just let stuff follow me around the screen until something triggered the portal location. Water was a little scary because I never genocided ;'s and I was worried about being drowned. I eventually found the portal.

That leaves us at the Astral Plane. I picked the center choice (Famine is the easiest Rider). That was the wrong choice. So next choice was left (Death is second easiest) and that was the wrong choice. So finally that left right, and Pestilence. Using +7 daggers you can take out the Riders from a distance. I finally offered the Amulet for a victory.

So some final thoughts - even with some rust I was able to quite well once I started rolling. The real key here was getting an early wish, and then some careful play. Rangers aren't that fun to play, and their artifact sucks. So I don't think I'm going to play a Ranger again any time soon.

Back to Monks and Healers I guess...

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