Thursday, June 30, 2005

What's Left?
I was looking things over, and I was a little surprised about something - of the 13 classes in the current brand of Nethack, I've won with 8. That means I've only got a handful left - Caveman (and I lost one of these guys on the Plane of Air), Archeologist, Healer, Priest and Tourist.

I have faith in the first two. Cavemen are winable, and sooner or later I'll get a buff Arch with Greyswandir and silver dragon scale mail. The last three will be a bit harder. If I can get a healer past the quest, then maybe... Their quest toy is a staff that does megadamage. Priests... They give flexabilty (can be a spell dude or a fighter), but aren't good enough at either to really be good. If cavemen are the poorman's barbarians, then perhaps priests are the poorman's knights. Knights minus Excalibur & riding = not as much fun.

Tourists - man, if I could ever get one of these past the quest it would be awesome. Unlimited charging via the quest toy.

I think I need to concentrate on my remaining five classes. I'd love to complete the set before the next revision.

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