Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Every once in a while you get a game you know you should win in the first three minutes. I am playing a priest and I start with Identification and Create Monster as spells. That's a potent combo. And then I find a lamp, which is blessed. What the heck, rub it. Yep, magic lamp, Grey Dragon Scale Mail. On the first level I have a game I know I'm ready. A few levels later I find an altar, and with Create Monster, it's just a matter of time before I get Mjollnir.

So I go to the Sokoban and get the amulet of reflection. On to the mines and I get another magic lamp out of a bones file. And some cool spellbooks. Try on Force Bolt, Magic Mapping and Remove Curse. Now I really need to win this game. And I get teleport control.

So now I'm just gaining levels so that I can do the quest. I should take the castle first. My last two priests were kind of annoying. One got pounded by the quest enemy before I knew he was a badass, and the other died in the death-ray bounce incident. This one should win. Damnit.

So I cruise through the main dungeon. More or less I'm just bidding my time. I'm at around 400 hitpoints when I take down the castle. I then do the quest. The quest baddie is pretty tough, but he falls to the wield-a-poiton-of-paralysis-while-wearing-ring-of-free-action trick and I pound him while he is frozen. Now I have some kick ass armor (hey, what happened to my robes?) and I can go for Hell!

OK, I go through Hell, and end up with around 800 hitpoints by the time I go for the win.

Not much to report here, this one was a sleeper. Even picked the correct altar on the Astral Plane on the first shot. More or less it was a victory (or at least an interesting death) since the first few levels.

What can I say about priests? Well, they get Mjollnir (if neutral). And some cool spells. Knowing if things are blessed or cursed is also very powerful. Perhaps "poor man's knight" isn't a fair characterization.

Tourists and healers I guess... (and cavemen and archeologists). After that I can go for the gimmick wins - no poly/wish/genocide. Illiterate barbarians. And so on...

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