Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wow, long time no post. I guess that's what happens when you have a kid.

In any case, I'm about 50% done with a healer. This is the farthest I've ever gotten before with a healer. He started with potions of extra healing being smokey, so he quickly had grey dragon scale mail and then later picked up boots of speed. With a low armor class I just stayed careful and for most of the early game made sure that I had a big dog by my side. I was a gnome, which made the mines easier, and in the Sokoban I got the amulet of reflection.

Not much to report in the main dungeon. I didn't find a scroll of genocide until the castle (burned a wand wish on some), so I kept getting my memory wiped by mindflayers. Since L's and h's still existed when I got to the castle I played the drawbridge game. After the castle I had enough experience for the quest.

Quest was rather pointless. The Bad Guy has no sleep resistance, and as a healer the first thing they give you is a wand of sleep. On the other hand, the quest toy rocks. The Staff does mucho damage and drains level and heals you. Knock on wood, but it is hard to imagine dying in a stand-up fight at this point.

OK, I'm partway through Hell. I haven't even visited Vlad yet. But this game seems decently far along... If I can finish with a healer then all that will be left is the tourist.

Yikes. OK, healers are pretty tough in the midgame, but endgame has been overwhelming. The quest toy doesn't work very well in Hell (it's extra damage doesn't apply to demons/undead). And the lack of strong magic from the healer class has been a real hinderance. In particular, not being able to cast a skilled Remove Curse has made life very difficult.

I went down and found the vibrating square. I killed the wizard and retrieved the amulet. The way back was a bitch and a half. Wizard kept coming back about once every five levels. One time I died. He called in Double Trouble and then stole the amulet. The big problem is that after he steals the amulet, he then tries to steal your quest toy, which he did. OK, now I'm surrounded by monsters with no good weapon. Then I get slimed. No problem, I'll just whip out my wand of fire... wait, how did I get this far and never find a wand of fire? Crap! No way of making fire, and since I'm in Hell I can't pray. D'oh! Only thing I could do was slip on my amulet of life savings.

I climb all the way up the dungeon and notice I have no food. I'm going to make a run down to the food shop in the mines to make sure I don't starve on the planes.

I got the food. Don't have enough tools to get myself out of curse troubles, but we gotta go. My second kill on the plane of Earth drops a crystal ball. I guess I'd rather be lucky than good. That makes the first three planes easy, and there's nothing all that troubling on Water.

I had to go to all three altars on the Astral Plane. So much for being lucky! Since the Healer's Staff acts as a drain-level tool, once I found the correct altar I pounded on Famine until he dropped to a low enough level to cast charm monster on him. So when I won I had a pet Famine.

It's been seven months to the day since my last win. Don't play much these days. Only healer left to go...

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