Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Top 25
1. 3724696 -5 52 421 521 Sam Hum Mal Law Samnine,ascended
2. 3465148 -5 52 28 622 Ran Hum Mal Neu Ran11,ascended
3. 3419676 -5 49 463 538 Rog Hum Fem Cha Rou25,ascended
4. 3416214 -5 49 507 507 Kni Hum Mal Law Kni31,ascended
5. 3385478 -5 51 302 787 Pri Hum Fem Neu Pri25,ascended
6. 3169098 -5 49 262 293 Bar Hum Mal Cha Maybar,ascended
7. 2876224 -5 52 646 646 Wiz Elf Fem Cha Wiz47,ascended
8. 2848643 -5 52 323 323 Hea Gno Fem Neu Rebb,ascended
9. 2717906 -5 48 331 331 Val Hum Fem Neu Valseven,ascended
10. 2517618 -5 48 252 428 Bar Orc Mal Cha Bar17,ascended
11. 2358680 -5 49 443 444 Mon Hum Fem Cha Mon55,ascended
12. 1507893 -2 52 -2 343 Cav Hum Mal Neu Testcav,killed by an air elemental (with the Amulet)
13. 708055 35 37 90 236 Val Hum Fem Law testvaltwo,poisoned by Demogorgon
14. 693664 30 30 -5 189 Bar Orc Mal Cha Bar15,killed by a minotaur, while helpless
15. 687245 36 37 294 294 Pri Hum Mal Neu Pri1E,killed by a death ray
16. 370344 17 13 -1 122 Pri Hum Fem Neu Pri1D,killed by Nalzok
17. 368006 30 31 -3 131 Val Hum Fem Law Juneval,killed by a human mummy, while helpless
18. 346111 19 26 0 91 Mon Hum Fem Cha Mon31,killed by Master Kaen, while helpless
19. 271257 25 26 -1 98 Mon Hum Mal Cha Mon1A,killed by a jabberwock
20. 203440 16 26 -10 98 Kni Hum Mal Law Dune,killed by Ixoth
21. 161319 26 26 -2 92 Pri Hum Fem Neu Nogodfour,killed by a jabberwock, while helpless
22. 142075 21 21 0 125 Bar Orc Mal Cha Bar11,killed by a frost giant, while helpless
23. 127928 20 21 0 79 Bar Orc Mal Cha Bard,killed by a wraith, while helpless
24. 120006 17 17 218 218 Val Hum Fem Law Trueval,killed by the wrath of Odin
25. 111992 19 19 0 98 Cav Hum Mal Neu Cav13,killed by a warg

Top 11 won the game.
#12 was killed on the Plane of Air
#13 was killed by Demogorgon.
Of the last 12, there's a death ray (a double-hit if I remember) and 3 deaths by quest badguy. Lots of deaths while helpless. I can't explain the warg. :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm working on two games right now. In one I'm playing a Valkyrie with the restriction that I'll never wish, genocide or polymorph and object. More or less those three things help to make the game easier, and I think that after almost 25 years I ought to be able to win without those crutches. Right now I'm level 13 with Excaliber and nearly 200 hitpoints. No wishing means that I'm going to have to get my cool armor the hard way. I did get a bag of holding from the Sokoban, so we'll see what we can do.

The other game is an atheist priest. Yeah, I know, that makes no sense, but since priest auto-identy cursed and blessed items, and since they start off with holy water, they can make it through the game without using an altar (well, until the very end at least). Of course, this also means no praying, which will be tough. Also, it means that I'll have to wish for Mjollnir. That's fine since I found a wand of wishing (cha-ching!). Hello Grey Dragon Scale Mail, speed boots, helm of brilliance and Mjollnir! So I'm taking my time trying to avoid a careless death with this dude. I'd be a little happier if I had more food. I hate to think that I'll have to blow the atheist behavior by praying for food.

The priest has gotten very interesting. Found the bag of holding sokoban, so the next thing I did was wish for an amulet of reflection. Oh, and three scrolls of genocide. Goodbye L's, ;'s and h's. Went to the mines and got the luckstone. Went down, found the quest portal, too low a level. Then the game got interesting... I just found the bones file of a wizard, which included the Eye of (whatever wizard eyes are). That means I can level teleport and I get megaregeneration on spell points. The wizard had sliver dragon scale mail, so give up the amulet of reflection for the Eye. The hard part here will be sorting through all the goodies.

The Valkyrie has finished off the quest, so now has the orb. I need to get to the castle next I guess. No Mjollnir yet. The valkyrie is looking like the tougher road at this point...

Well crap. So I wanted Mjollnir very bad, but hadn't found an altar. Hey, there's an altar, I'll sacrifice the first thing I see on it. How about a unicorn that has the same alignment as the altar. D'oh. Killed by the Wrath of Odin. 200+ hitpoints in one shot. "You are fried to a crisp." Learning something new after 20-some-odd years. Never fight gods!!!

Christ, lost the priest too. Was cruising down between Medusa and the Castle, and since I had the Eye I was casting spells left and right. Uh oh, here comes a Jabberwock. Not problem, cast a cone-of-cold at him. Well, that pushed me into fainting and I died. Left a nice bones pile though.

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