Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Top 25
1. 3724696 -5 52 421 521 Sam Hum Mal Law Samnine,ascended
2. 3465148 -5 52 28 622 Ran Hum Mal Neu Ran11,ascended
3. 3419676 -5 49 463 538 Rog Hum Fem Cha Rou25,ascended
4. 3416214 -5 49 507 507 Kni Hum Mal Law Kni31,ascended
5. 3385478 -5 51 302 787 Pri Hum Fem Neu Pri25,ascended
6. 3169098 -5 49 262 293 Bar Hum Mal Cha Maybar,ascended
7. 2876224 -5 52 646 646 Wiz Elf Fem Cha Wiz47,ascended
8. 2848643 -5 52 323 323 Hea Gno Fem Neu Rebb,ascended
9. 2717906 -5 48 331 331 Val Hum Fem Neu Valseven,ascended
10. 2517618 -5 48 252 428 Bar Orc Mal Cha Bar17,ascended
11. 2358680 -5 49 443 444 Mon Hum Fem Cha Mon55,ascended
12. 1507893 -2 52 -2 343 Cav Hum Mal Neu Testcav,killed by an air elemental (with the Amulet)
13. 708055 35 37 90 236 Val Hum Fem Law testvaltwo,poisoned by Demogorgon
14. 693664 30 30 -5 189 Bar Orc Mal Cha Bar15,killed by a minotaur, while helpless
15. 687245 36 37 294 294 Pri Hum Mal Neu Pri1E,killed by a death ray
16. 370344 17 13 -1 122 Pri Hum Fem Neu Pri1D,killed by Nalzok
17. 368006 30 31 -3 131 Val Hum Fem Law Juneval,killed by a human mummy, while helpless
18. 346111 19 26 0 91 Mon Hum Fem Cha Mon31,killed by Master Kaen, while helpless
19. 271257 25 26 -1 98 Mon Hum Mal Cha Mon1A,killed by a jabberwock
20. 203440 16 26 -10 98 Kni Hum Mal Law Dune,killed by Ixoth
21. 161319 26 26 -2 92 Pri Hum Fem Neu Nogodfour,killed by a jabberwock, while helpless
22. 142075 21 21 0 125 Bar Orc Mal Cha Bar11,killed by a frost giant, while helpless
23. 127928 20 21 0 79 Bar Orc Mal Cha Bard,killed by a wraith, while helpless
24. 120006 17 17 218 218 Val Hum Fem Law Trueval,killed by the wrath of Odin
25. 111992 19 19 0 98 Cav Hum Mal Neu Cav13,killed by a warg

Top 11 won the game.
#12 was killed on the Plane of Air
#13 was killed by Demogorgon.
Of the last 12, there's a death ray (a double-hit if I remember) and 3 deaths by quest badguy. Lots of deaths while helpless. I can't explain the warg. :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm working on two games right now. In one I'm playing a Valkyrie with the restriction that I'll never wish, genocide or polymorph and object. More or less those three things help to make the game easier, and I think that after almost 25 years I ought to be able to win without those crutches. Right now I'm level 13 with Excaliber and nearly 200 hitpoints. No wishing means that I'm going to have to get my cool armor the hard way. I did get a bag of holding from the Sokoban, so we'll see what we can do.

The other game is an atheist priest. Yeah, I know, that makes no sense, but since priest auto-identy cursed and blessed items, and since they start off with holy water, they can make it through the game without using an altar (well, until the very end at least). Of course, this also means no praying, which will be tough. Also, it means that I'll have to wish for Mjollnir. That's fine since I found a wand of wishing (cha-ching!). Hello Grey Dragon Scale Mail, speed boots, helm of brilliance and Mjollnir! So I'm taking my time trying to avoid a careless death with this dude. I'd be a little happier if I had more food. I hate to think that I'll have to blow the atheist behavior by praying for food.

The priest has gotten very interesting. Found the bag of holding sokoban, so the next thing I did was wish for an amulet of reflection. Oh, and three scrolls of genocide. Goodbye L's, ;'s and h's. Went to the mines and got the luckstone. Went down, found the quest portal, too low a level. Then the game got interesting... I just found the bones file of a wizard, which included the Eye of (whatever wizard eyes are). That means I can level teleport and I get megaregeneration on spell points. The wizard had sliver dragon scale mail, so give up the amulet of reflection for the Eye. The hard part here will be sorting through all the goodies.

The Valkyrie has finished off the quest, so now has the orb. I need to get to the castle next I guess. No Mjollnir yet. The valkyrie is looking like the tougher road at this point...

Well crap. So I wanted Mjollnir very bad, but hadn't found an altar. Hey, there's an altar, I'll sacrifice the first thing I see on it. How about a unicorn that has the same alignment as the altar. D'oh. Killed by the Wrath of Odin. 200+ hitpoints in one shot. "You are fried to a crisp." Learning something new after 20-some-odd years. Never fight gods!!!

Christ, lost the priest too. Was cruising down between Medusa and the Castle, and since I had the Eye I was casting spells left and right. Uh oh, here comes a Jabberwock. Not problem, cast a cone-of-cold at him. Well, that pushed me into fainting and I died. Left a nice bones pile though.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wow, long time no post. I guess that's what happens when you have a kid.

In any case, I'm about 50% done with a healer. This is the farthest I've ever gotten before with a healer. He started with potions of extra healing being smokey, so he quickly had grey dragon scale mail and then later picked up boots of speed. With a low armor class I just stayed careful and for most of the early game made sure that I had a big dog by my side. I was a gnome, which made the mines easier, and in the Sokoban I got the amulet of reflection.

Not much to report in the main dungeon. I didn't find a scroll of genocide until the castle (burned a wand wish on some), so I kept getting my memory wiped by mindflayers. Since L's and h's still existed when I got to the castle I played the drawbridge game. After the castle I had enough experience for the quest.

Quest was rather pointless. The Bad Guy has no sleep resistance, and as a healer the first thing they give you is a wand of sleep. On the other hand, the quest toy rocks. The Staff does mucho damage and drains level and heals you. Knock on wood, but it is hard to imagine dying in a stand-up fight at this point.

OK, I'm partway through Hell. I haven't even visited Vlad yet. But this game seems decently far along... If I can finish with a healer then all that will be left is the tourist.

Yikes. OK, healers are pretty tough in the midgame, but endgame has been overwhelming. The quest toy doesn't work very well in Hell (it's extra damage doesn't apply to demons/undead). And the lack of strong magic from the healer class has been a real hinderance. In particular, not being able to cast a skilled Remove Curse has made life very difficult.

I went down and found the vibrating square. I killed the wizard and retrieved the amulet. The way back was a bitch and a half. Wizard kept coming back about once every five levels. One time I died. He called in Double Trouble and then stole the amulet. The big problem is that after he steals the amulet, he then tries to steal your quest toy, which he did. OK, now I'm surrounded by monsters with no good weapon. Then I get slimed. No problem, I'll just whip out my wand of fire... wait, how did I get this far and never find a wand of fire? Crap! No way of making fire, and since I'm in Hell I can't pray. D'oh! Only thing I could do was slip on my amulet of life savings.

I climb all the way up the dungeon and notice I have no food. I'm going to make a run down to the food shop in the mines to make sure I don't starve on the planes.

I got the food. Don't have enough tools to get myself out of curse troubles, but we gotta go. My second kill on the plane of Earth drops a crystal ball. I guess I'd rather be lucky than good. That makes the first three planes easy, and there's nothing all that troubling on Water.

I had to go to all three altars on the Astral Plane. So much for being lucky! Since the Healer's Staff acts as a drain-level tool, once I found the correct altar I pounded on Famine until he dropped to a low enough level to cast charm monster on him. So when I won I had a pet Famine.

It's been seven months to the day since my last win. Don't play much these days. Only healer left to go...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Every once in a while you get a game you know you should win in the first three minutes. I am playing a priest and I start with Identification and Create Monster as spells. That's a potent combo. And then I find a lamp, which is blessed. What the heck, rub it. Yep, magic lamp, Grey Dragon Scale Mail. On the first level I have a game I know I'm ready. A few levels later I find an altar, and with Create Monster, it's just a matter of time before I get Mjollnir.

So I go to the Sokoban and get the amulet of reflection. On to the mines and I get another magic lamp out of a bones file. And some cool spellbooks. Try on Force Bolt, Magic Mapping and Remove Curse. Now I really need to win this game. And I get teleport control.

So now I'm just gaining levels so that I can do the quest. I should take the castle first. My last two priests were kind of annoying. One got pounded by the quest enemy before I knew he was a badass, and the other died in the death-ray bounce incident. This one should win. Damnit.

So I cruise through the main dungeon. More or less I'm just bidding my time. I'm at around 400 hitpoints when I take down the castle. I then do the quest. The quest baddie is pretty tough, but he falls to the wield-a-poiton-of-paralysis-while-wearing-ring-of-free-action trick and I pound him while he is frozen. Now I have some kick ass armor (hey, what happened to my robes?) and I can go for Hell!

OK, I go through Hell, and end up with around 800 hitpoints by the time I go for the win.

Not much to report here, this one was a sleeper. Even picked the correct altar on the Astral Plane on the first shot. More or less it was a victory (or at least an interesting death) since the first few levels.

What can I say about priests? Well, they get Mjollnir (if neutral). And some cool spells. Knowing if things are blessed or cursed is also very powerful. Perhaps "poor man's knight" isn't a fair characterization.

Tourists and healers I guess... (and cavemen and archeologists). After that I can go for the gimmick wins - no poly/wish/genocide. Illiterate barbarians. And so on...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Nethack is giving me another chance. After killing my last priest with reckless stupidity I started up another priest. On level two he found a wand and tested it. Holy Fuck, a wand of wishing. OK, first with is always for blessed scrolls of charging so that you can get more wishes out of the wand. OK, then some grey dragon scale mail, and speed boots. Recharge wand. OK, how about Mjollnir, seeing as I don't know when I'll find an altar. Put the wand away and wait until later.

With the armor, going down to the shop level is a breeze. No magic lamps, so go up to the Sokoban. Recover the bag of holding. OK, what's next? I guess I should go to the bottom of the mines and get the luckstone. After that I can think about sorting out the remaining two wishes in the wand. Spellbooks of ID or Magic Mapping? Blessed figurine of an archon? Wand of polymorph? We'll see.

This time I'm going to the castle before the quest. :)

OK, I went down to the bottom of the mines and got the luckstone. Next step was to wish for a spellbook of ID. Damn, these are useful. It allowed me to sort out all of my crap, and discover that I have two really neat other spellbooks - remove curse and magic missile. Looks like it is time for me to work on being a spellcaster. OK, bide my time, get strong, do the castle, and this time around be a little more careful when it comes to the quest enemy!

Did the castle and the first level of Hell and got to exp level 20. Did potion mixing and got my hitpoints up to around 250. Read a bunch of enchant armor and got the AC to around -30. Mjollnir is enchanted to +4, probably could be better. I have teleport and teleport control. And a ring of conflict and a spellbook of magic mapping. I think it is time to do the quest...

Took care of the quest. On my way though Hell. And I found an interesting way to die. Orcus has a wand of death, but if you have grey dragon scale mail you don't have to worry. Unless a Succubus strips off your armor right before Orcus zaps you. Worse yet, zaps you in a small space, so that the 1st hit takes out your amulet of life savings and the bounce kills you dead... Damn.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The one called Sly Bri pointed out that since I won with an Archeologist and a Caveman in older versions, the only truly unsolved classes for me are Priest, Healer and Tourist. So I fired up a priest.

Not too eventful. My starting spells were Detect Unseen and Identify, so no point in going with spellcasting armor, just bulk up. So play the early game as a fighter. I made it to the shop level in the mines, no magic lamps. But I was tough enough to do the Sokoban and get the amulet of reflection. Next step was to get the luckstone at the bottom of the mines and bless it. Managed to pull that off, this is as far as I've ever had a priest.

Sat on a throne and got some grey dragon scale mail. Right now I'm just bidding my time waiting for the quest. Since the quest toy sucks, it may make more sense to do the castle first. Wished will be spent on a bag of holding and speed boots.

OK, I got another wish and got the bag of holding. Then after some sacrficing I got Mjollnir. I was finally a high enough level to use the ID spell. Then I made a stupid mistake. I went on the quest. I was curious because I'd never been on the priest quest before. So I go in and face down the quest enemy. I'm going toe-to-toe because I have Mjollnir. A +0 Mjollnir, but Mjollnir nonetheless. I seem to have enough hit points, but bang-bang-bang, then I'm dead. I never used my brains and cast the extra healing spell that I learned. I was just too caught up in being on the priest quest the first time and I blew a game where I really should have won. Live and learn. Always do the castle before the quest unless you have some major firepower. With speed boots from a castle wish I would have been able to do the quest no problem.

On the other hand, I feel like I have a much better understanding of priests... pick a neutral and unless you have great spells to start, run this as a poor-man's knight at the start and be a fighter. Eventually get magic-friendly armor and move over to spells. Hope you get Mjollnir early.

OK, back to the grind...

Thursday, June 30, 2005

What's Left?
I was looking things over, and I was a little surprised about something - of the 13 classes in the current brand of Nethack, I've won with 8. That means I've only got a handful left - Caveman (and I lost one of these guys on the Plane of Air), Archeologist, Healer, Priest and Tourist.

I have faith in the first two. Cavemen are winable, and sooner or later I'll get a buff Arch with Greyswandir and silver dragon scale mail. The last three will be a bit harder. If I can get a healer past the quest, then maybe... Their quest toy is a staff that does megadamage. Priests... They give flexabilty (can be a spell dude or a fighter), but aren't good enough at either to really be good. If cavemen are the poorman's barbarians, then perhaps priests are the poorman's knights. Knights minus Excalibur & riding = not as much fun.

Tourists - man, if I could ever get one of these past the quest it would be awesome. Unlimited charging via the quest toy.

I think I need to concentrate on my remaining five classes. I'd love to complete the set before the next revision.

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